Master Donor Conversations

  • Questions to Start the Donor Conversation

Speaker: Jon Rich

Nice work - you secured a meeting with the prospect! So what now? How do you get to the heart of the matter? This session will explore proven ways to bring the meeting around to the topic of the donor: why they give, why they support your organization, and how they see your organization helping to shape their legacy. We will share tried-and-true talking points that develop meaningful conservations around the donor's philanthropic motivations and lead to future opportunities. You should attend this session for ideas on helping steer donor conversations, legacy creation, and blended giving opportunities. You should leave this session feeling better prepared to help your donors leave a bigger impact and leave a bigger legacy at your organization.

  • Pledge 1%: Reaching Budding Philanthropists

Speaker: Rebecca Dupras

The concept of pledging today out of tomorrow's earnings finds symmetry with planned and testamentary giving – both involve taking action today to secure future benefits for philanthropy. This presentation will look at pledging a percentage of an estate or income to charity as an effective way that donors can identify with a cause and make a meaningful commitment to the legacy they leave behind or begin on their philanthropic journey as a budding philanthropist. Rebecca will also look at legal details and requirements of pledges, what makes them enforceable or not and the charitable trust considerations involved when a charity decides to enforce a pledge or not.

  • You Want Me to Ask for What?! – 5 Bold Strategies to Improve Donor Conversations, Legacy & Impact

Speaker: Lani Starkey

It goes without saying that the planned giving sector is highly productive and impactful with billions of dollars raised for amazing and noble causes. What is harder to determine however is how much planned giving money was "left on the table" or lost due to fundraising inefficiencies, existing business practices, or missing infrastructure support? This session will explore the most frequent and likely culprits of "gift leakage" in planned giving and offer solutions to plug those holes. This breakout will focus on disrupting certain "best practices" in the areas of donor conversations, legacy creation, and gift agreements, to name a few. You should attend this session if you want to look critically at how you and your organization can improve your donors' giving experience, legacy, and philanthropic impact.

  • Mastering Donor Conversations: Overcoming the Top 10 Objections to a Gift Plan

Speaker: Phil Purcell

This session will explain how to master donor conversations when objections to a gift plan are made by a donor. Specific objections that we will explore include the need to save for retirement, care for loved ones, not enough income, erosion of income by taxes, life is too busy, planning is too complicated and more! The session will highlight the use of blended gift plans to address these objections.