Keep Your Best Donors

  • Set Up For Success: Leveraging Campaigns to Build Meaningful Donor Recognition Programs

Speaker: Wayne Olson

This session will explore how a campaign can build meaningful, high-impact donor recognition programs that served short-term stewardship needs for top donors while establishing a path for a post-campaign future. We will discuss how partnerships with internal and external stakeholders, as well as leveraging institutional and volunteer leadership were critical to a campaign's and the organization's success.

  • Secrets of the 2nd Gift – the Key to Donor Retention

Speaker: Steven Shattuck

Fundraisers spend a lot of time acquiring new donors, and with good cause. However, in order to create a long-lasting relationship, the most critical gift isn't the first; it's the second. In this session, Steven Shattuck will make the case for why donors should concentrate on acquiring a donor's second gift in order to achieve sustainable funding, high donor retention rates and high donor lifetime values. You'll see examples that can be implemented by any organization, whether you are a one-person shop or a large development department. The results can be astounding when put into daily use!

  • How We Used Campaign Momentum to Transform Our Legacy Society

Speakers: Glenn Vivian and Sharon Wheeler

In 2012, Boston University launched the first fundraising campaign in its 175-year history with an initial goal to raise $1 billion to further BU's standing as one of the largest and best private research universities in the world. How did our small Planned Giving program use this momentum to more than triple our legacy society membership and develop a collaborative model with fundraiser colleagues to celebrate our donors and strengthen our prospect pipeline? In this session we'll share stories of what we learned and what might work for you.

  • Optimizing Social Media and YouTube Marketing Strategies

Speakers: Andy Ragone and Kate Bailey

How do social media and YouTube help with planned giving? Using helpful marketing platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube can place prospective donors on your radar. Learn how to use social media and YouTube to build ongoing relationships with your planned giving donors. This session features actual examples from nonprofit social media pages and best practices. Learn current strategies to grow your social community and increase responses on your social media and YouTube platforms.