Expand Your Knowledge

  • Getting Something Back: Gifts That Provide Lifetime Income for Donors

Speaker: Jeff Davine

Many donors think that charitable giving consists of writing a check to the donor's favorite charity. Educating donors on the many alternative ways of benefitting a donor's charity of choice is an important task for planned giving professionals. These alternatives include gifts where the donor can receive a benefit in return (in addition to a charitable contribution deduction). This presentation will focus on giving options such as charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and residential (and farm) remainder interests and the advantages and restrictions associated with each of these life income gift vehicles.

  • Gifts of Valuable Assets

Speaker: Angela Throne

How many times have you been on a visit and a donor brings up the idea of donating something other than cash? From stocks, to real estate, to stamp collections when should you say "Yes!" and when should you back away slowly? This session will focus on the questions that need to be asked about different assets and the different methods one might give a valuable asset.

  • Retirement Plans and Gifting Options

Speakers: Andy Morrison and Kristin Shore

With 61% of U.S households owning tax advantaged retirement accounts, it behooves Gift Planners, Major Gift Officers and Financial Advisors to be well-versed in gifting options involving retirement plans. This session will provide a general overview of the various types of retirement plans, including contribution, distribution, and inheritance rules and options. It will also explore a variety of gifting strategies using retirement plans, both during life and upon death. Several cases illustrating retirement plan gifting strategies will be shared and discussed.

  • A Crash Course on Planned Giving

Speaker: Charles Van Patten

Whether you are new to the world of planned giving or have years of experience, take an opportunity to brush up on the fundamentals of planned giving. This course will cover a range of planned gifts. We will touch on the basic rules for each gift type, explore example scenarios and discuss the potential benefits and pitfalls of particular planned gifts.